Learn Bengali

I figure I’m not the only Bong out there married to a non-Bong and there are probably many out there who would like to be able to have a simple conversation or adda in Bangla. So whether you are a probashi bangali (non-resident/migrant bengali) brushing up before your next desher trip or a bideshi (foreigner), you came to the right place. Study the flash cards below and next time you might be able to tell if the mashis in the adjacent room are talking about you (which they probably are).

WARNING: This isn’t a good resource if your goal is to dissect the Geetanjali or impress your colleagues at the NGO you are working at in Kolkata or Dhaka. But if you would like to be able to converse with Bengali speakers this page can be seen as a gateway to further exploration. From my personal research, the language-learning resources for learning Bengali on Amazon suck and courses are difficult to find and expensive. I believe that the best way to learn Bangla is to speak to Bengalis! But unless you live in the Bengali-dense areas of Queens, NY, the East End of London, Philly or New Jersey, you might have a difficult time finding folks to practice with.

Strictly not for purists, this space will be sort of a Benglish for Bokas or The Complete Gaadhaa’s Guide to Learning Bangla on your Own. Hey, its cheaper than Rosetta Paathor.

Here we go: Bangla for conversation

Study Bengali on the Go!
For iPhone, iPod, iTouch and iPad users, download the app Flashcardlet from the App Store and search for the creator “ladki“. Download the Quizlet Deck called “Bangla for conversation” and you’ll be saying amaar kheeda peyechey (I’m hungry) before you know it.