ladki (laṛakī) n.  Hindi word for girl.

ladka (laṛakā) n.  Hindi word for boy.

latke (lät’ku) n. Yiddish word for potato pancake.


Literally, “Latke Ladki” means “potato pancake girl.” This blog is a space to record observations and reflect on experiences while exploring the intersection of two cultures through the eyes of a newly married couple. A second-generation-South-Asian-American-Hindu-omnivore girl (ladki), a vegetarian-Jewish-American boy (thelatke), and their little peanut who we will call “badam”. As you can see, multiculturalism lends itself to the use of many hyphens. The goal of this blog is to build rapport and understanding between our two cultures. Hopefully our stories and advice will help lessen confusion, frustration and culture shock of other folks who are in our same chappals. So come follow the latke, ladki and badam as they learn, build community, make food and have fun.


This blog is completely unaffiliated, and not to be confused with the 60’s Bollywood movie with the (almost) same name Ladka Ladki starring the legendary Kishore Kumar.