Which country most closely shares your parenting values?

Independence, obedience, hard work, imagination. Which values are most important to you to pass down to your child (or hypothetical offspring)?

PBS took data from the World Values Survey (conducted between 2010-2014) and created a fun, interactive survey to show which country has values closest to yours (not every country in the word is represented). Your results may surprise you as it might not be the country you currently live in or even your family’s country of origin. I live in the US and my family is from Bangladesh & India, yet the survey results said my parenting values matched Australia (tolerance & respect were the highest). Crikey!

Although I had fun taking this survey, I think it oversimplifies our value systems. We live in a globalized world. People uproot themselves and move to different countries and create a new value system that feels right to them. A value system that partially preserves and partially assimilates to their new culture. People are curious and travel and learn about different cultures all the time. You can value personal choice and accomplishments like in individualistic societies (like the United States), and also value group happiness like in collectivist societies (like Asia and Latin America). You don’t have to choose one or the other.

Did you take the survey? Did the results surprise you?

Photo from: motherspridepreschool.com