We’re back!

Hey guys,

I need to apologize for not updating this blog for a very long time. A lot has changed in the life of the latke and I. Biggest change is that we had a baby! Woot Woot! So yeah, all the free time we used to have for blogging has been spent feeding, changing diapers, attending doctor’s visits, and playing with our baby girl. And we wouldn’t want it any other way! She is an absolute joy and we are stoked to share more about our new life and the challenges that come our way. Now that our little peanut (who we will refer to in this blog as “badam“) is almost a year old and on a somewhat predictable napping/sleeping schedule, I’m inspired to get back to writing. That all said, you can expect a few changes on the blog.

  • First, the look is different so you can see more stories on the Home page without scrolling. I’m hoping that the new format will encourage more comments from users as well.
  • Second, the content itself will change. We will be writing less about newlywed life, how to plan an interfaith/intercultural wedding and meeting each other’s families and stuff like that. I plan to write about parenting in general and specifically, raising an intercultural/interfaith child. And let’s be real for a second, there will probably be less posts about traveling to foreign countries and more about domestic topics, like cooking, multicultural representations in children’s books, and what to watch on Netflix while your baby is sleeping and you’re sorting laundry. And since our time is so limited, I foresee our posts being shorter, with more photos and drawings.
  • Third, I started a little Facebook community page for readers of this blog and interfaith/intercultural couples to connect. Come join us! We are grateful for your readership.

Mirabella_3 days