What is a Hindu Vegetarian?

The other day J was buying plane tickets to Europe to see one of his best friends. When the option to choose a meal came up, J was surprised by all the accommodations airlines make for special dietary requirements. Check it out:


So I looked up on the British Airways site what it meant to be Hindu vegetarian and it is simply a vegetarian meal, but spicier. Hmmmm. Ok, I’m sorry but wanting your food spicy is not a dietary requirement its being a PICKY EATER! Same thing as the “Child” meal choice. In the description for “child” it simply contains a combination of “familiar and fun foods”.

I used to think that under the umbrella of vegetarianism that there were only two sub-groups: vegan and lacto-ovo. But this airline meal preference thing gave me a glimpse into the world of international dietary preferences. For example, Hindu Vegetarian and Jain (vegetarian but also no onion, garlic or root vegetables).

Overall, I’m happy that airlines are accommodating to various religions and dietary laws.