Now that the Mutiny is over, where can ABCDs go to get their fix?

It gets exhausting and sometimes lonely straddling two (or more) cultures. So eight years ago, I remember how psyched I was to stumble upon Sepia Mutiny and find an entire community of folks who were witty, well-read and in-tune with pop culture and had a South-Asian American worldview like me.

Sikh Park
For 8 years, Sepia Mutiny created a space for young folks from the desi diaspora to process what was going on, and sometimes fired us up to take action (example: bone-marrow drives, stopping the deportation of Minhaz, and lets not forget Bhangra Against Bush). I’m sad to see it go but understand the reasons (competition from social media like FB and Twitter, the evolution of “brown” voices on the blogosphere, and many of the founders have gotten older — thus more demands on their time from marriage partners, day jobs and kids.)

Much has changed in eight years. In 2004, we didn’t have governors, regular comedians on network TV, or a Grammy and Academy Award-nominated pop star who looked like us. Sepia Mutiny was not just a place to celebrate the individuals who were brown, but also a space to process when folks who looked like us did wrong. Ahem, Rajat Gupta. On publications like the Wall Street Journal he was just another finance dude guilty of insider trading. But on SM it was like “Awww, why did he have to be desi? and “Dude, you are making us Bengalis look bad!”

The brown blogosphere just finished making sense of the Dharun Ravi trial on the day of SM’s last posting on April 1st 2012. Some condemned Ravi, while others sympathized and related to his story as something that could totally happen to them in their fancy-free college days.

Sure, great new blogs which cater to a similar audience come out every month. But SM was a one-stop shop for all the various conversations going on, or as stated in their subhead, “All that flavorful brownness in one savory packet.”

Rest in peace Sepia Mutiny. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Best of luck to all the writers and founders who contributed to it. I will look you guys up as you enter your next chapter.