One of the most serene and relaxing places in Dhaka to me is the Monument to the Martyrs of the ’71 war. Even though I am by birth an American, I can’t walk around the monument, hear the lyrics Amra tomader bhulbo na (We won’t forget you) and not feel completely patriotic. This is a feeling I never got visiting monuments in Washington, DC. Maybe because I have no connection to people who fought in those US wars?

We made a pit stop to Savar en route to my dad’s village of origin on a beautiful “winter” day when the temperature was a brisk 70 degrees. In Dhaka, men rock earmuffs, sweaters and scarves and women wear shawls when its 70 degrees. Savar’s gardens are beautifully maintained and is a great spot for people watching.

Some shots from the day:




Can you find the ducks in the Lily pad and shaapla pond?


A snack stand outside Savar