A very Hinjew Thanksgiving: More religions, more dietary restrictions

This post is a little outdated, but whatevs . . .

What do you make for Thanksgiving when you have a mom who doesn’t eat beef, a husband who doesn’t eat meat, and in-laws who don’t eat pork and keep kosher (no dairy)? We made these two dishes that were tasty, unique and healthy and everyone was happy and no one was offended. Success!

Roasted beets and brussel sprouts with pomegranates and a red wine/orange juice/balsamic vinegar reduction made by ladki


I just improvised this dish with what I had in the fridge from our CSA and pantry items so I don’t have an exact recipe, but all I did was cut fresh brussel sprouts and beets into quarters and soak them in a reduction I came up with of equal parts red wine, balsamic vinegar and about a quarter-cup of orange juice (Put all those liquids in a small pot with a sprig of fresh rosemary so the reduction will be infused with rosemary flavor). I mixed up the cut vegetables with some olive oil, pomegranate seeds, salt and tiny bit of brown sugar and stuck it in a 400 degree oven for about an hour. I might have covered it in foil, but I don’t really remember. Keep roasting it until the veggies are tender and you can easily stick a fork in them. Once I took them out I put fresh pomegranate seeds all over it to look festive and pretty. Before I met thelatke, I used to love eating brussel sprouts with freshly sauteed bacon bits. But this meat-free dish may be my new favorite way to eat brussel sprouts . . . the red wine/balsamic vinegar/orange juice reduction brings out a natural, sweet and tangy flavor that tastes like autumn. I guess if you are not trying to be dairy-free, you can add a little gorgonzola, feta or goat cheese . . . it tastes great against beets.

Glazed Seitan with Soybeans and Peppers made by thelatke


This recipe from Definitely Not Martha is one of our faves! This is also a yummy mixture of textures and flavors. The sweetness of the glaze, the crunchiness from the veggies, and it tastes great over rice. Because of the protein from the edamame and seitan, this is a well-balanced and healthy meal for vegetarians. And look at the colors! So pretty!