Our last visit to Horizons

Last week J and my friend Rahat took me out for a birthday dinner at one of our favorite vegan restaurants in the world, Horizons in Philly. What made it extra special is that they closed permanently a few days later. Lets just say that we ordered the whole menu (apps, entrees and drinks).

This place has been where J and I had spent many special occasions throughout the years including our intimate, self-uniting wedding ceremony (go Quakers) last summer. We exchanged our self-written vows in front of our closest few on the first floor of the restaurant. It’s where my mother-in-law lovingly created elegant centerpieces with my favorite flowers. It’s where my dida, with hands shaky from old-age and arthritis, signed our marriage license as a witness in her steadiest penmanship. It’s where our friends and family gave both written and impromptu speeches and said really nice things about us. And now it’s gone forever.

BBQ Seitan at Horizons, from the Vegan Appetite

I will miss eating the delectable barbecue seitan and getting tipsy on pomegranate martinis, but am happy and excited for the owners Rich and Kate as they prepare to open their new restaurant in center city, Vedge. Until then, I will have to experiment with the recipes in Horizons: The Cookbook and Horizons: New Vegan Cuisine which I received for my birthday.